The official website of Fifth Grade room E-1 at Edison Elementary School in Willoughby, Ohio

phone 440-942-2099


WE Care line 440-269-3002

Frequently Asked Questions

As the year progresses you will find answers to questions brought up by parents and students here about procedures and policies.

Q: When and where are detentions served?
A: Detentions are served after lunch in one of the fifth grade classrooms.  Teachers take turns with detention

Q: What is the grading scale?

report card stick figure A 100% - 93% kids by bookcase
B 92% - 84% 
C 83% - 71%
D 70% - 63%
E 623% and below

Q: [Accelerated Reader]
A: [FAQ Answer]

Q: Can I get reports about how my child is doing on Study Island?
A: [FAQ Answer]

Q: How can I help my child with his/her Study Island assignments?
A: [FAQ Answer]